Концовка 4: Mercy/Милосердие

! Чтобы получить эту концовку, у вас НЕ должно быть Королевского Венца !

A Messenger at Twilight >> I am
>> I will
>> Defeat
>> To lead the army again to restore my reputation
>> To achieve this through generosity, tolerance and love
>> The voice of God from Heaven
>> Either
>> Not in the least
A Certain Rural Doctor >> B
The Nightmare Begins >> I cannot trust your contract
>> Pull Lillith back
Kamazene, the Capital >> Ask him about the encounter in the forest
Reunion with Old Friends
Suspicious People >> Threaten them
Boy on a Journey
Home Sweet Home >> Lillith is dead
Scars >> Go outside to talk
The Hell-Fire Club >> Kneel and kiss his hand
>> Leave things in Dashwood's hands
>> Accept the weapon
Shining Elixir >> Doing a medical experiment
The Royal Physician >> Take a peek
>> Go
Demon in the Church >> Drink
>> Seek help
>> Have fortune told
The Great Paracelsus >> E
>> Keep it
The Oriental Curio Shop >> Try to channel spirits (succeed)
>> Will you be able to get back on your own?
A Palace of Hatred and Jealousy >> Threaten Bruno with his sword
Confession >> Stop off somewhere else
>> Leave her in the cellar
>> Keep Lillith in the mansion
Den of the Homunculus >> Accept the contract
The Founding Day Festival Begins
Outcome of the Showdown >> Cut to kill
The Beautiful Circle Dance
Soup of Life >> Examine the rat corpses
>> Transfer the homunculus
>> Use his own blood
The Other Lillith >> Agree to join
Entering the Society >> I want my name stricken from the blacklist
>> Accept
The Ruler's Curse >> Succeed at spirit channeling
Wolfgang Zaberisk >> I think he is clumsy
The Trap of Destruction >> Fine
>> Succeed at spirit channeling

Концовка 4: CHESED (Mercy/Милосердие) Концовка 4: CHESED (Mercy/Милосердие)
Концовка 4: CHESED (Mercy/Милосердие)